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Social networking platforms

Sometimes dismissed as a way to stay connected with high schoolmates, social media is now a critical component of advertisement and marketing strategies for companies of all sizes, and it’s inexpensive and straightforward to use social media to attract new customers. But, first, diversify your scope by using different channels and keeping your target audience in mind when determining which platforms prioritize and curate your message.

Inventive blogs

It’s still free to create business pages on Facebook and Instagram, and if your content is engaging, innovative, and shareable, that could be all you need from social media marketing. Clever videos, behind-the-scenes content, updates on sales and promotions, online appointment scheduling, and event production are free methods of attracting new customers via social media.


You can use social media sites to run competitions, draw names from a social media “hat,” and choose winners from a trivia contest. Ascertain that the award is appealing to your customer base and provides an opportunity for spreading the word about your brand or social media profile.

For instance, you can run a simple but successful “Like/Comment to Win” contest in which anyone who likes/comments on a post is “entered” into the game; you can then sort through those who liked or commented on determining a winner. Additionally,

you can ask your fans to tag a friend or share/retweet your post to be entered to win, which has the potential to increase interest in your post and gain new followers.

If you have the time, contests such as “caption this picture” or “leave the best comment” are even more fun, imaginative, and engaging. Additionally, please remember to recognize the winner after the contest concludes.

Consider using the resources available on social media platforms to assist with the contest’s administration. For example, numerous websites have excellent mechanisms for selecting comments or “likes” at random. This will save you the headache of manually doing so and ensure that your content is legal.

Running Warehouse in San Luis Obispo, California, runs a “Freebie Friday” contest on their Instagram page on occasion to promote the new or most famous running shoe. It’s an excellent example of a game that requires little investment on the part of your small business but creates significant interest.

Technical note: Ensure that your contest has straightforward terms and conditions and abides by all platform rules. For instance, Facebook has clear guidelines about content sharing to other pages. Also, remember to check local laws about a product or promotional giveaways and ensure that all contest rules are readily accessible to your followers.

Influential individuals

Social media influencers are an excellent way to spread the word for your product or service. The cost and conditions of partnering with an influencer differ according to the influencer’s following, and the contest will need to benefit both you and the influencer’s site. The long-term benefits of being associated with a prominent online presence, on the other hand, could outweigh the cost. Ascertain that the influencer you chose has a good reputation and an audience that aligns with your potential new customers. Please note that many rules govern how influencers conduct business; thus, ensure that they adhere to the FTC’s criteria, including disclosure of their material related to the company.


Create convincing content

The best blogs are enjoyable to read—they contain useful, interesting, or unique material—and they are updated frequently. As a result, they’re an excellent platform for long-form storytelling about your company and the latest industry trends.

Additionally, blogs are an excellent way to highlight your work, complete with before-and-after photographs and stories, examples, and customer testimonials. Whether you produce content internally or hire a freelance writer, it should represent your company, culture, and branding.

HDR Remodeling in Berkeley, California, maintains an excellent local business blog that includes how-to guides, webinars, and additional knowledge about their services.

Additional detail about the contest

Blogs are best way to provide additional information about competitions or giveaways, and they also allow you to develop your email marketing lists. In comparison to social media posts, you have enough space to discuss the specifics of the content and the coveted award, mainly if it’s your product or service. This provides buyers with more details on what you do or sell, making the contest more appealing to participate in.

Marketing via direct mail

While some consider direct mail marketing—the act of delivering letters, postcards, or flyers directly to consumers’ mailboxes—to be archaic, when done correctly, it may generate new business and new customers, as long as specific guidelines are followed. Additionally, maintain an up-to-date address list at all times.

Often provide a promotion or a discount in your bid.

Direct mail can serve as an introduction to your company and an invitation for new customers to come in and check it out. In addition, offering the first-time discount demonstrates your trust in your product or service and your belief that they will appreciate what you have to give, such as 15% off their first visit or purchase.

Possess a crystal-clear call to action

Your direct mail campaign’s creative should provide a clear call to action. For example, encourage customers to visit your company by showing a large “Now Open” postcard header or an appealing picture of the product you’re offering at a discount to new customers.

Associating with an aggregator

If you are not yet prepared to begin your own large-scale direct mail campaign, consider partnering with an aggregator mailer such as Valpak or another mass-mailed coupon service. They can be retargeted to meet a more focused customer base.

Free gift

Let’s face it—people adore free things. This may range from logo-branded “swag” to product giveaways to complementary business services. If anything is free, it will attract attention. When executed correctly, these promotions will take off and organically expand your customer base.

Branded apparel

By giving away branded products, you can let your logo do the selling for you. If your budget is tight, consider a low-cost giveaway such as branded pens, which everybody uses daily. They are convenient for people to bring and make an excellent branded giveaway. This is a critical component of any public gathering, such as a conference or festival that you attend.

Provide no-cost consultation

Give a free consultation to the first few customers who respond to an email or call a phone number if your company provides a service such as tax planning or other advice. It’s straightforward, inexpensive, and generates excellent word-of-mouth marketing. But, of course, this works better when the customer’s free experience is on a par with that of a paying customer, so go all out.

Discounts are available to first-time buyers.

Even if it is not complimentary, a discount will garner interest. This is a simple promotion that has been simplified in the modern era. Virtually any consumer shopping website requires an email address to give a “first-time customer discount,” which is typically a percentage of the overall sale. Along with a satisfied first client, you’re expanding your email marketing list. Ask the customer if it’s their first visit to your brick-and-mortar store or restaurant—if they say yes, adding a slight discount to their purchase is an excellent way to surprise and entertain new customers

Utilization of indigenous media

The exponential growth of streaming content, podcasts, and YouTube channels has increased demand for content and guest experts, providing small business owners with an opportunity to reach new and broader audiences.

Become a guest on a podcast

There are numerous niche podcasts available, so conduct research and identify those that align with your company, story, or context. To be a successful podcast guest, you must have a compelling story, a compelling passion, or a compelling message to share, so develop those ideas before pitching your favorite podcasts. Since most daily podcasts are always on the lookout for industry experts, the simplest way to get on a podcast is to inquire. Please send an email to the host and producer expressing your excitement for the podcast and offering suggestions to make it more interesting. Additionally, you can register with a podcast guest database or obtain a recommendation from previous guests.


Although media outlets continue to rely on press releases for story and content ideas, before you send one out, ensure that it contains an attention-grabbing “hook.” You can write about your product or service and what makes it unique, or you can share your compelling story as a small business owner in greater detail. This will assist you in standing out and shining brightly among the sea of other press releases.

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